Bitcoin value reached to $4900, highest in 4-month


World’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization

World’s largest crypto currency by market capitalization, Bitcoin reached to the highest level i.e. $4900 in 4-month period. With the great leap in value, 17 percent of change within 30 minutes on Tuesday made bitcoin investors happy.

CoinDesk data shows Bitcoin price rised on Tuesday at 04:32 UTC to $4715. Struggling at the point $4192, bitcoin’s price was up by 19.17% over a 24 hour period to reach $4926. Bitcoin again proved its volatility with sudden high rise.

With the price, market capitalization has also increased to $83 billion by Tuesday. This change in bitcoin’s price parallely has surged into price of other cryptocurrencies too i.e Ether increased with 5.5% and Litecoin increased with 8.1%. Some of the coins have successfully placed themselves in top 15 with the rise in price.