Elon Musk Inspired a Tesla Taxi Company to Enable Dogecoin Payments


A German taxi company called Tesla Taxi Aschaffenburg that has only Tesla cars has enabled its customers to use DOGE to pay for their rides. The company accepts the two largest cryptocurrencies by market cap – bitcoin and ether – but it has focused more on DOGE due to the recent price and popularity boost. They can use it to send the value of the trip converted before, during, or after, but they need to cover the fees if such exist.

Stefan Muller, the company’s owner outlined that the initial idea to include Dogecoin as a payment method came from his son, who is very “interested in DOGE and has money invested in it for months.”

Moreover, his son’s inspiration to get into the meme coin came from Tesla’s CEO – Elon Musk. The billionaire is arguably the most prominent Dogecoin supporter, especially since the start of the year.