A Malta Registered Crypto Exchange – Goodbye for Anonymous Exchanges


Blockchain platform was built to democratize the crypto usecase and secure the people’s financial freedom, build trust among all classes of society without any differentiation.

But, currently majority of exchanges charge very high listing fees and higher trading fees to consumers which is unaffordable by many, especially startups and users.

Most of the crypto exchanges are anonymous, with virtually zero CRM support as well. There are several fake crypto exchanges like HitBTC scamming people disabling user’s account and stealing funds as well.

CoinGeo  registered under VFA laws of Malta, is built to fix cost & trust issues, we have built a secure, exchange where for the first 6 months plan not to charge any listing fee, transaction or withdrawal fee. The tokens that we list on our exchange has to go through a strict quality review to ensure their credibility. We will have a dedicated CRM support via mail / chat and call for address user issues.

To know more about CoinGeo, kindly browse www.coingeo.com


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