Noft Games Airdrop

Token Symbol Noft
Estimated value N/A
Expiry date 28 Jun, 2021

Token Overview

Noft Games is a cosmic battle-royal show, where users get characters, enjoy their battle, and trade them. Fantastic creatures named Nofts have been closed on the spaceship and fight among themselves to survive. Technically, Noft Games is a dApp built on blockchain technology called Binance Smart Chain. Each noft is a BEP-721 standard token.

Noft Games is giving away 0.1 BNB and 2 NFTs to three lucky participants. Complete the easy Twitter tasks to get a chance to win the rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Follow Noft Games and Babylons on Twitter.
  2. Like and retweet this tweet with a quote and few words about the giveaway using hashtags #NoftGames #BabylonsRising #BSC and also tag at least two friends.
  3. Three winners will be randomly selected to win 0.1 BNB and two Noft NFTs.
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End in: 28 Jun, 2021