Alert! Crypto Scammer on the run!

Crypto Scammer Devina Dutta

Devina Dutta an ex- employee of XcelTrip is now on the run after cheating the company of Bitcoins and valuable data. A world wide search has been launched to locate said employee. Devina Dutta has made fake listing contracts of one of the biggest crypto exchange Bitfinex and Houbi to scam XcelToken for its listing in both exchanges. Top cryptocurrency exchange- Huobi Global have agreed to cooperate with XcelTrip to find her.   

Let this serve as a caution to the cryptocurrency community to not have any connection with Devina, as legal action can be taken against her. 

XcelTrip has also announced a reward, for those that helps them in the process of finding her and bringing her to justice.

Scammer information:

Name- Devina Dutta (same name used on all social media handles)

Residency- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Passport held by scammer- Australian & Malaysia

If you have any information on the said person’s location please don’t hesitate to contact XcelTrip on  [email protected]

Legal Notice against crypto scammer Devina Dutta

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