Bit coin price has moved up by an extra £400 within 10 minutes, which is its highest record in the year 2019.

This is as a result of the rate at which Bit coin, which is arguably the world’s most traded crytocurrency, has been quite profitable in the preceding months.

One reason why this currency has been on the high end of interest is because of the circulating news that Facebook is looking to launch its own cryptocurrency.

Investors are willing to put in their money because unlike in the past, they have come to accept the legitimacy of cryptocurrency because of the involvement of tech giants like IBM, Samsung and Maersk.

The fear that this digital currency might be a sham has greatly reduced as more people have come to embrace the idea of investing and trading in Crytocurrency.

In light of the recent development, cryptocurrency has gone mainstream and this is evident as the price of Bitcoin has gone up in such little time.

In 2017, the price of Bitcoin rose from £800 to £1600 in 11 months which is about a 100% increase in that short time. This increase got more people interested at that time. Everybody wants to get a share of this wonderful market and this has caused the Crypto world to steadily move up.

This would be a great time to invest in Crytocurrency as market analysts are positive that it would continue to move up as they forsee many investments and profits in the future.


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