A trend in crypto investment has never been so raging than ever before. Would not it be so easy and exciting if the next method of payment is rolled  to cryptocurrency? People are more into the digital currency now and have somewhat realized it’s function, back end mechanism and saw the future of it. You do not carry bulk of cash and start shopping now or either travel. Rather you carry a mobile phone or tablet, scan your QR code and enjoy your day with safety and reliability.

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Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will be the most reliable method of payment for any of it’s usecases. User do not need to worry about the transparency or worry about getting hacked unless one looses it’s password.  All the transaction are recorded well and can be tracked anytime from anywhere. User should no more worry about the currency acceptance and can access to it from any part of the world.

A new upcoming crypto based travel platform XcelTrip’s CEO says, “It’s time to worry less and travel more, with cryptocurrency accepting all over the world.” 

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There are other platform in development where you can  use cryptocurrency for any of the facilities provided by them. If you can eat, stay, travel and shop with cryptocurrency then for what else do we need to carry bulk cash, exchange them according to the currency used in a place and worry more.

Only thing that is making the issue to use it in daily case, is due to its volatility. The same thing you can buy for value of 1 crypto today, you might not get it same tomorrow. So, the fluctuation in the price of crypto is raising the issue to use it. But sooner or later, when the demand of its reaches to the saturation level and every country, every people regulate it, it will come to an existence for daily use. No more hurdles inside the bank, no more long process to transact money, just swipe and spend. This is what crypto is for.

Though people say crypto’s price has been lowering day by day, but have you thought about it’s pros? Isn’t it a great time to start investing in crypto now? Is not it a great time to secure your future and outstand in market with the use of new technology. Adapt the change, be use to with new generation technology and step, one step ahead.

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