If you just received 0.00000546 BTC for free?


Wondering where your wallet is recieving BTC for free? Then remember, you get nothing for free. If someone offers you for anything free then they might have another way to get return. This was just a another Dusting attack that hackers are trying with you and this does not ends or stops, rather you need to learn this article to know more about security and dusting attack.

What is Dusting attack?

A dusting attack, a crypto attack is a new kind of malicious activity where hackers and scammers try to break into your digital wallet where your cryptocurrency are stored. Hackers generally send very small amounts of coins in your wallet and try to get into it.

Scammers recently realized that Bitcoin users do not pay much attention to these tiny amounts showing up in their wallets, so they began “dusting” a large number of addresses

How to secure your coins?

  • Make sure only you owns the private key of your coins and back up it to your safest place. Note, you can also create private keys offline using open source algorithms but keep in mind that the device you used must be destroyed completely after it.
  • Do not reveal full information about your investment on Crypto coins.
  • Use safe and reliable wallets like XcelPay,LedgerTrezorColdcardOpendime. Use anyone you like but we prefer XcelPay
  • Don’t store your coins in one wallet or device or exchange or address. Use multiple ways to store your coins.Use more than one hardware wallets, many private keys.

Along with dusting and other de-anonymizing attacks, you should also be wary of the other security threats that are evolving very quickly in the cryptocurrency space, such as Cryptojacking, Ransomware, and Phishing. Moreover, you should consider installing a VPN along with a trustworthy antivirus in all of your devices. Also, make sure to encrypt your wallets and to store your keys inside encrypted folders.