XcelTrip raises USD$1M in Series A from HKSE Listed Investment Firm


XcelTrip raises USD$1M in Series A funding fromDKG Ventures

Singapore, 01 Jan 2019 – XcelTrip is excited to announce that we have successfully raised USD$1M fundraising from an Investment Holding Company:DKG Ventures, a HKSE Listed company. DKG Ventures is together, believed in our vision, and seen the values we have to offer and decided to invest in our aspiration to be a part of our key driver to revolutionizing the Travel Industry.

The new investment round will enable XcelTrip to further revolutionize and disrupt the Travel Industry, as being the Next-Gen Travel Platform, which is Crypto-Friendly, where smart marketers are striving to maintain control of the customer journey and deepen their customer relationships.

XcelTrip is fully functional blockchain based travel platform and accepting Bitcoin, Binance Coin and its own native XcelToken for hotel bookings woldwide, has launched Public Sale Series A up to the 31st March 2019 to raise USD$25M. The options offer a variety of choices inclusive of equity, tokens or bonuses. Tokens disbursed based on the investment options chosen are available for usage on the XcelTrip platform immediately, which has been the key point in gaining trust from the investors.

A great start to our Series of Funding has proven our project to be one of the most sought after and in-demand project that will revolutionize the travel industry.

If you want to become a part of XcelTrip shareholder, kindly participate during our public sale at www.xceltoken.com and start booking your travel using cryptocurrency at www.xceltrip.com

Check out the XcelToken adoptions video:

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